People Say The Nicest Things

★★★★★ / Jody Palmer / USA

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to tell you how fantastic Tullia was! It was more than a tour, it was a dialogue. The air was sparkling with ideas and information. There were only three of us in the tour and Tullia was so open to all of our questions and speculations. Fantastic! 

★★★★★ / John P. / USA

My almost 11 year old son and i loved our tour with Tullia. From our first minutes together we started learning all about Piazza San Marco and the history of Venice. One day obviously doesn’t do this city justice, but Tullia expended endless amounts of energy and knowledge to bring the city to life. Starting with the piazza, the basilica and the Doges palace, and then on Murano for a demo of glass making. Grazie mille, Tullia!

★★★★★ / Shenia Kirkland / USA

It just so happened that my kids (ages 9 and 12) were very tired on the day of the Lion tour. They loved being “super sleuths” and searching for lions. At one point it started getting pretty cold and my girls were tired. So, we stopped in a cafe to have coffee and pastries (to warm up). The tour guide was amenable to this detour and didn’t miss a beat. She shared photos and reflections on Venice that we all found to be very interesting. I appreciate her flexibility and ability to go with the flow (which is often important when kids are involved). Many thanks!!