Discover the Magic of Venice: A Journey Through Art, History, and Cuisine

3 Hours


Join us on a 3-hour tour of the enchanting Cannaregio district in Venice, starting with a visit to the magnificent Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto. This church offers visitors a wide range of artworks, including the impressive facade, which rises proudly and tall over a large forecourt. The church’s fame and beauty are undoubtedly linked to the famous painter Tintoretto, who lived in the nearby Campo dei Mori. Tintoretto left ten magnificent works in the sanctuary and even more; on the left side of the apse rests the “sacred remains” of the artist. What better testamentary legacy! After visiting the stunning Madonna dell’Orto Church, our tour continues with a relaxing stroll along the picturesque fondamenta, a promenade along the canals that offers stunning views of the city. During the walk, you will admire the traditional architecture and get a glimpse of the daily life of Venetians. We will make a stop at the Casa del Tintoretto, the former home of the great Renaissance painter Jacopo Tintoretto. Finally, we will stop for a well-deserved aperitif at a local bar where you will have the chance to try a typical cicchetto veneziano, a small snack that is perfect to enjoy with a drink. Cicchetti are a staple of Venetian cuisine and a great way to sample the local specialties while taking a break from sightseeing. In conclusion, this 3-hour tour of the Cannaregio district will offer you a complete and memorable experience of Venice, from its rich artistic and cultural heritage to its charming daily life.


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Discover the Magic of Venice: A Journey Through Art, History, and Cuisine